Buford Highway Farmer's Market FishAn International Cornucopia:

There is no better place to take the honor of our first market post like the Buford Highway Farmers Market.  This amazing farmer’s market, located on Buford Highway, just outside I-285, is a cornucopia of foods from all corners of the earth.  You enter this huge market in the vegetable and fruit section.  The selection is literally unbelievable, everything is really fresh, and the prices are way below what you find elsewhere.

Buford Highway Farmer's Market PeppersWhether you want organic fruits and vegetables or rarely found Asian ingredients, this is your place.  Haas avocados for 79 cents, Poblano Peppers for $1.79/lb, 6 different types of Eggplants, and bulk spices, these are just a few of the items in this section.  Then you move into the meat and fish areas.

The selection of fresh fish and seafood is unparalleled, and its all labeled as to its place of origin and whether it is wild caught or farm raised.  The routine is to pick out your fish, then tell the man behind the counter exactly how you want it cleaned and prepared – whole fish, head on, filet – you name it and they do it.  (I don’t usually buy meat or poultry here, since there is no indication of its origin, other than the Halal counter that sells beef and lamb of the highest caliber, including White Oak Farms beef.)

Then you move into the many food isles that contain fresh, frozen, bottled and canned foods from all over the world.  There are special sections for Mexican, Latino, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Indian, Jamaican, European, Eastern European, Israeli and more.  Do you want that special bar of chocolate from Russia?  They have it. What a place.  If you have never been there – some day, when you need some lemon grass, fresh epazote, a fresh bottle of soy sauce, Mirin, or the like, just go to the Buford Highway Farmer’s Market and check it out. It is a treasure.

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