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The Cheetah Strip Club & Restaurant Review

THE CHEETAH  (Yes, you read it correctly)  During the height of the real estate boom years ago, I represented a group of bankers from the north Georgia mountains, who, whenever they came to Atlanta for our luncheon meetings, insisted that their restaurant of choice was the Cheetah. On … Read Full Article

The Old Hickory House

This will be, in part, a trip down memory lane. As a native Atlantan (my capitalist maternal great-grandparents reside in Oakland and my socialist paternal grandparents reside in the Workers’ Circle at Greenlawn) I have observed the evolution of the Atlanta restaurant … Read Full Article

Bones Steakhouse Atlanta

High Steaks Dining Recently, having done a considerable amount of work for an even more  considerable fee for some good clients and friends, they were forward enough to strongly suggest that I should treat them to dinner for all they had paid me, so at their choice we dined … Read Full Article

Gu's Dumplings

Gu’s Dumplings Reviewed

Gu's Dumplings at Krog St. Market You may remember from my post on Co'm Grill that I attempted to eat at Gu's Dumplings on a prior occasion, but because the restaurant was so packed we were not able to eat there. When I heard that Gu's Dumplings had opened up shop at the Krog Street Market, I … Read Full Article

Miscellaneous Rants and Raves

I stopped in at Murphy’s (one of my favorite haunts) for lunch a few weeks ago, and having returned from a recent trip to Slovenia was pleased to see a Slovinian white wine on their “by the glass” list. It was $9.00 per glass, but you can also buy it in their retail shop for about $6.00 a … Read Full Article

Bacchanalia – Is It Worth It?

On the occasion of our thirtieth anniversary, your food curmudgeon took Mrs. Curmudgeon to Bacchanalia to celebrate the event. Afterwards, the most frequently asked question by my friends was not “How was the food?” but “Was it really worth it?”. If you are from the … Read Full Article

Co'm Vietnamese Flat Rice Vermacilli

Co’m Vietnamese Grill

Background: I am told that drinking at a young age prevents your prefrontal cortex from properly developing, which happens to be the hub of decision making and foresight. As such, I failed to realize that Gu's Bistro would be jam packed on the Friday night after Chinese New year. When my … Read Full Article